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Hardening Services

A workpiece hardening is a critical process, therefore, requires adequate planning and management. If not planned properly and executed by a novel, it can generate stress in the workpiece, which can lead to distortion or cracking. In hardening process, steel is heated and then quickly cooled. The carbon in the steel transforms from austenite into martensite. This process requires skills and knowledge, which our professionals possess. They have complete understanding of this method, material composition, workpiece geometry, hardness level and hardness depth. Our professionals combine available resources and experience in providing hardening services for different workpieces.

Key Points:

  • Apart from surface hardening without affecting core structure, through hardening services mechanical properties, strength, resistant to wear as well as fatigue life can be increased.
  • The components that are subjected to this process are mostly designed for heavy loading or handling impact forces.
  • The components or workpiece with high surface hardness become capable of handling heavy loads.
  • The components of different alloys can be subjected to this process include carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel (martensitic), powder metal, cast iron, ductile iron, etc.

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