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Carburising Services

One of the most applied metal treatment processes is carburising. The main aim is to treat metal with this process is to harden it's surface layer. We are engaged in providing carburising service for metal, industrial gear and armor plate. The carbon diffuses into  the metal being processed by heat treatment. This process starts by heating the metal in presence of carbon rich material/elements (CO, NaCN, BaCl2, etc.) for a specific carburising time period and at a specific temperature. As the metal is quickly cooled down through quenching process, the carbon content on metal's outer surface becomes hard. The hardness is achieved due to the making of martensite from austenite. Depending upon the workpiece to be carburised, the high carbon liquid, solid or gas is applied.

Key Points:

  • All kinds of low carbon workpieces can be hardened in our carburising services providing company.
  • It retains the toughness as well as ductility of the workpiece core.  
  • The maximum hardness depth that can be achieved is up to 6.4 mm.
  • Through this process, tensile strength, and wear resistance of workpiece can be increased.
  • Apart from mechanical changes, the workpiece also undergo physical and chemical changes.

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