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Carbonitriding Services

Another beneficial metal alloy surface treatment process is carbonitriding. This process is executed to modify the surface of a metal, making it more hard and reduce its wear. Application of this technique is beneficial on low cost, low carbon steel. With our carbonitriding services, the small, medium or large scale companies can get the surface properties of their collector ring, pressure plate pin and lever, modified. Through this process, the hardness and modulus of workpieces can be easily increased. The low carbon steel can get the surface properties of expensive and difficult to work steel grades. This process is carried out at temperature of around 850 degree Celsius and the surface hardness of a workpiece can be achieved between 55 HRC - 62 HRC.

Key Points:

  • The major benefit of this process is that it does not deposit any additional layer to the workpiece, instead alter its top layers. The dimensions of workpiece after processing also remain same.
  • The workpiece carbonitrided can have maximum thickness or case depth of 0.75 mm.
  • In our carbonitriding services, the case depth of any workpiece can be tailored.
  • The carbonitrided workpieces in the event of tempering or increased impact strength, can resist softening.

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