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Annealing Services

Many companies from across India are dependent upon our industrial annealing services. Through this process, our engineers are able to modify the material's micro-structure, for altering its mechanical or electrical properties. When steel is subjected to this process, its hardness is reduced, and ductility is increased. The motive of subjecting a material to annealing process are many, such as improving electrical properties; restoring ductility and making material ready to be processed further without cracking; releasing mechanical stresses induced by grinding, machining etc., hence preventing distortion. The material that can be subjected to this process can be steel, high temperature alloy, inconel, copper, aluminum, titanium and brass.

Key points:
  • There are different kinds of annealing, for instance, sub-critical, intermediate and full. The parts can be annealed in vacuum as well as air.
  • This heat treatment annealing service is helpful in extending the lifetime of components processed.
  • The resultant workpieces can have good ductility, minimal stress and high workability under any conditions.
  • Controlled atmosphere furnaces are utilized for this process.


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